Royalmount: Crafting Places for People


Elevating Spaces: Public Art and Creative Placemaking as Part of Royalmount’s Visionary Development

Creative Placemaking & Public Art Consulting

Creative Consulting

Project Management - Curation - Production & Fabrication

Royalmount: Crafting Places for People | MASSIVart - Creative Consulting

As the first 100% carbon-neutral mixed-use development in North America and Canada’s largest LEED Gold retail project, our creative leadership of the entire strategy & all site-specific commissions had to be equally impressive. Within a vast, two-level development of 824,000 sq ft, Carbonleo is driven by a vision to foster human connection by having a creative strategy that differentiates from other developments and focuses on community.

Redefining shopping, dining, work, and entertainment landscape, as public art consultants and creative placemaking experts, MASSIVart plays a pivotal role in bringing their vision to life. As a strategic partner for Carbonleo, we oversee the entire process from creative strategy to the production and implementation of artworks and cultural programming.

Public Art Program

Our Public Art Strategy aims to position Royalmount as a vibrant artistic hub, aligning it with the world’s top cultural and creative destinations.

More than just an aesthetic enhancement for Royalmount, the public art program is a reflection of inclusivity and meaningful engagement. By focusing on universal messages, ensuring accessible curation, and encouraging art that sparks reflection, we aim to create an art program that speaks to everyone. Collaborating with Montreal’s artistic and creative ecosystem, this museum-quality experience will showcase today’s most daring artists through the “Unexpected Horizons” theme.

As a strategic partner for Carbonleo, we oversee the entire process of curation, fabrication and implementation of artworks.

Human-Scale Events and a Yearly Programming

To foster a sense of belonging and connection, a diverse range of events and activities will unfold throughout the year, evolving with the changing seasons and encouraging repeated engagement through different opportunities and activities. Curated for the epicurean in pursuit of exclusive cultural experiences and life-enriching moments, the programming will be centred around the transformative Power of Play. Bold, elevated, innovative, and playful, it aims to establish Royalmount as a vibrant lieu de vie.

Visitors will grow and connect as they discover an eclectic array of events, from performances and exhibitions to engaging workshops, classes, and spirited yearly celebrations. Inclusivity and accessibility are prioritised, fostering community ties and providing a space for sharing ideas and building relationships. Our commitment to well-being ensures Royalmount is a place where everyone feels a sense of belonging, fostering thriving, resilient communities.

Crafting Places for People

This multi-phased initiative starts as a pilot, allowing us to adapt based on visitors’ feedback. By considering the citizen as a creative mind, we empower individuals to shape Royalmount’s future and co-create a place where creativity, well-being and community thrive.