Royalmount: A Visionary Approach Integrating Public Art in One of the Largest Private Developments in Canadian History


Being the first 100% carbon-neutral mixed-use development in the Americas & boasting Canada’s largest LEED Gold retail project, our creative leadership of one of the most ambitious public art initiatives had to be equally innovative.

Spearheaded by Carbonleo, Royalmount’s 824,000-square-foot, two-level commercial and lifestyle complex in Montreal seamlessly integrates retail, culture, and sustainability into modern living, poised to redefine the shopping, dining, work, and entertainment experience as impressively as it reshapes the urban landscape.

With phase one launching in summer 2024, and another 10 phases to follow, Royalmount aimed to also build an innovative art program. Within such a vast development, Carbonleo is driven by a vision to foster human connection by having a creative strategy that differentiates from other developments and focuses on community.

Partnering closely with Carbonleo, MASSIVart is leading the entire public art strategy as well as the curation, fabrication & installation of 10 artworks. By showcasing today’s most daring artists, each installation is designed to embody the project’s vision yet compliment each other as an overall experience.
Andrew Lutfy - CEO of Carbonleo and Co-owner of mixed-use development Royalmount, about the Public Art Program

Integrating an Art Strategy early in the Development Project

From the project’s inception to the first stages of development, Carbonleo has recognized the intrinsic value of art, choosing MASSIVart to lead their Public Art Strategy aiming to position Royalmount as a vibrant artistic hub, aligning it with the world’s top cultural and creative destinations.

Following months of planning and collaboration, a permanent public art collection has been curated to highlight & elevate every space with site-specific commissions. Creating a sense of place, each art piece is a tribute to the diverse cultural landscape that shapes the essence of Montreal, while echoing themes relevant to global communities.

“Unexpected Horizons,” an Art Collection Creating an Unexpected Museum-worthy Experience

With the entire collection revolving around the central theme of: “Unexpected Horizons,” curatorial teams brought together the most daring artists, commissioning artworks that would captivate, inspire, and spark curiosity, ensuring memorable, thought-provoking experiences to create an unprecedented and experiential journey into public art.

Royalmount: A Visionary Approach Integrating Public Art in One of the Largest Private Developments in Canadian History - Creative Strategy, Public Art Consulting, Creative Placemaking Expertise by MASSIVart

Introducing the Artists

Royalmount’s art program is a tapestry of diverse talents and perspectives:

Bikismo, celebrated in Puerto Rico for his hyperrealistic spray paint masterpieces, has left his mark on projects for icons such as Michael Jordan and Leo Messi. From the bustling streets of NYC, Chiaozza brings forth collaborative sculptures and installations that transcend traditional mediums, exhibited across the United States.

In Montreal, Chun Hua Catherine Dong delves into the intersections of gender and diaspora through her multimedia explorations. The innovative minds of Collectif Escargo, also based in Montreal, infuse landscape architecture with artistic flair.

Meanwhile, Quebec’s Cooke-Sasseville seamlessly merges public art with architectural integration policies. Drew Merritt, drawing inspiration from the vibrant culture of Los Angeles, skillfully juxtaposes classical themes with contemporary contexts, while Montreal’s Hanna Barczyk evokes emotions through her captivating illustrations.

In Toronto, Nicole Beno seamlessly melds technology with the natural world, while Brazil’s Zéh Palito paints vivid portraits of urban life. New York City’s SOFTlab, led by Michael Szivos, combines technology, craft, and materials to explore the boundaries between art, architecture, and other disciplines. Together, they shape a rich narrative of creativity at Royalmount.

Some artworks have been commissioned in collaboration with LNDMRK and Art Souterrain.


With the grand opening of Royalmount’s first phase on the horizon, the stage is set to celebrate creativity, community, and collaboration. This milestone marks the birth of a new cultural destination and a major turning point in Quebec’s public art landscape. Learn more about the project.


Wishing Bear by Chun Hua Catherine Dong – Royalmount’s render
CHIAOZZA Garden at Coachella – Photography by Colin Douglas Gray
Bivouac by Collectif Escargo