MASSIVart Creates Engaging Tool to Promote the Toronto Downtown West BIA’s Neighbourhood “ArtWalk”, Highlighting the District’s Incredible Collection of Public Art

MASSIVart has recently joined forces with the Toronto Downtown West BIA to help raise awareness and promote the many public artworks in the neighbourhood.

The growth of the Toronto Downtown West has resulted in an impressive collection of public art, featuring over 70 unique art installations in the district. This collection of works was curated to create walking tours in the community with the aim of raising awareness of these works.


ArtWalk is both an online virtual tour and a self-guided walking tour featuring interactive maps of themed routes that incorporate photographs, artist descriptions, fun facts and engaging questions for art lovers and newcomers to the art world.

The platform allows you to search for your favourite artwork, discover nearby attractions and architecture, or choose one of three featured tours: Colour, Steel, or Women Artists. It presents the perfect opportunity for community members to experience their neighbourhood in an entirely new way while visiting their favourite shops along the route.

As passionate believers of the positive impact that public art can bring to communities, MASSIVart is delighted to play an integral role in bringing the virtual experience to life. By writing carefully crafted descriptions about the art pieces and artists, MASSIVart utilized an informative approach to help all ages appreciate and learn about art, and foster discussions and engagement among members of the community.

Discover the virtual ArtWalk tour here.
ArtWalk Toronto Downtown West BIA - Public Art installations virtual tour

About The Toronto Downtown West BIA

The Toronto Downtown West is the concentrate of arts, culture, hospitality, sports and business to bring a unique and vibrant urban experience (Toronto Entertainment District).

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Artwork: Vong Phaophanit – DREAM HOUSE