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Account Coordinator (Montreal)

As an Account Coordinator you will be reporting to the Managing Partner and will be working closely with the Production team. Your mission will be to manage and look after MASSIVart’s existing clients. Your role is to assist the clients and to develop creative strategies that fit their needs and that are feasible. You will then have to work with the Marketing and Production teams as they put the strategy into action. As the middle-man between the client and MASSIVart, you have to make sure both parties are satisfied. Therefore you will not only have to anticipate the needs and desires of the client, but you will also have to be capable of identifying potential production setbacks in order to find efficient solutions to meet business objectives. Setting up effective management processes to ensure the project’s completion will be a big part of your job. Another part of your job will involve canvassing new potential clients hence the importance of being familiar with the cultural and artistic scene.

Who You Are
Very curious about Canada’s art and culture scene, you love to discover new things and meet people. Personal relationships come easy to you and networking is your thing. People admire your humble personality and tend to trust you quickly. You have great critical faculties and your sound judgement allows you to make sensible and practical decisions even under pressure. Your business background and past experiences in project management, sales, marketing, or business development allow you to express your ideas effortlessly and lead viable projects with confidence. You are not afraid to dare, propose creative ideas and always like a challenge. You want to work in a stimulating environment where the opportunities are consistently growing and creativity is rewarded. At MASSIVart you will find what you’re looking for, all the while being surrounded by people who want to promote and support the Canadian art scene.


  • Project Management and/or Business development
  • Legal notions (business contracts)
  • Financial administration (budget monitoring)
  • Excellent communication and deal-making skills
  • Very detailed-oriented
  • Organized capable of prioritizing
  • Knowledge of artistic production market and competitors
  • Entrepreneurial personality
  • Excellent interpersonal skills
  • Creative and practical
  • Bilingual (English & French) an asset
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Senior Project Manager


As a senior Project Manager at MASSIVart you will be reporting directly to the Director of Production and integrating the Production team. You will be involved in the pre-production stage (planning) as well as the production stage (control and supervision) of artistic projects. At MASSIVart, you will get to manage a variety of projects such as events or artistic productions. Your role will be to ensure the good execution of the project from A to Z. You will have to plan, coordinate and control the manufacturing processes. Your role will also include making sure goods and services are produced efficiently and that the correct amount is produced at the right cost and level of quality. Finally, you will have to supervise the implementation of the project and confirm every detail is in order (location, services, transportation, equipment,etc) during the completion phase.

Who You Are

Curious about the cultural and artistic scene, you like to see creative projects come to life. You have already been involved in the production of events or projects and have acquired enough experience to become Senior Production Manager. You like a challenge, love to solve problems and find quick solutions when faced with a setback. You thrive when working under pressure and have great people skills since a large part of your job is dealing with people management. You want to work in a professional but friendly environment with a team of energetic people and, like them, you want to contribute to Montreal’s art scene with creative and innovative projects.


  • Experiences in event-planning and/or project management
  • Accounting / Budget-making (resources needed, estimate costs, set quality standards, etc.)
  • Purchasing : Excellent negotiating and deal-making skills
  • Monitoring production process
  • Excellent organisational skills
  • Strong interpersonal skills
  • English and French-speaking
  • Driver’s licence
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Account Coordinator (Toronto)


As an Account Coordinator at MASSIVart you will be supporting the Sales & Client Service teams to assist with the execution management of new and existing client projects. Your role is to facilitate client projects from conception to delivery. Working closely with our sales and creative direction teams, you will help develop creative strategies and oversee project deliverables working closely with our production team to ensure projects are on track and executed to MASSIVart standards.

This role involves a wide range of tasks and responsibilities requiring clear communication, excellent organizational skills and superior attention to detail. The Account Coordinator will work well under pressure, meeting tight timelines while ensuring smooth and efficient execution of projects and events as directed by the sales and client services team.

Who You Are

You are very curious about the International and Canadian art and culture scene. You have strong interpersonal skills and enjoy interacting with others. You have past experience in project/client management, collaborations, brand partnerships, sales and marketing. You want to work in a stimulating environment where no two days are the same and where opportunities are consistently presented. As a high performing Account Coordinator, dedication and creativity is rewarded as you actively build your skills, expand your sphere of influence and drive results that advance the company’s objectives.


Key Tasks and Responsibilities

  • Support sales and account teams with client deliverables
  • Liaise between clients and MASSIVart’s creative/production teams
  • Day-to-day oversight of project management once project has been sold and confirmed by the sales team
  • Take meeting minutes and keep all account status platforms/documents up to date
  • Provides other duties and administrative support to the dedicated account team as required
  • Provide onsite support when required



  • Diploma or undergraduate degree in related field preferred
  • One to three years of agency or relevant experience
  • Project management expertise required
  • Proactive, positive and productive communication with your fellow employees
  • Advance knowledge using Google Slides/Powerpoint for proposal presentation development
  • Graphic design skills an asset
  • Bilingual (English & French) an asset
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