Redirecting The Future: The Intersection of Health & Poverty

C-UHS x Jackman Reinvents

An exhibition to raise awareness on important issues

MASSIVart Installations


Exhibition design - Production

C-UHS x Jackman Reinvents | MASSIVart - Installations

The Project

The Centre For Urban Health Solutions (C-UHS) is an interdisciplinary research centre within St. Michael’s Hospital in Toronto. C-UHS aims at redefining healthcare in order to break the poverty cycle and ensure the symptoms of tomorrow are not what they appear today. In collaboration with Jackman Reinvents, MASSIVart conceived and produced a travelling exhibition: “Redirecting The Future: The Intersection of Health & Poverty.”

The exhibition highlights the mission of the C-UHS with multiple comprehensive, interactive and impactful installations to both emphasize the urgency of the matters and inspire individuals to donate to the Centre. During the travelling exhibit in Toronto hundreds of thousands of visitors were able to experience how the world-leading scientists at C-UHS are redefining health care to disrupt the cycle of poverty and create a healthier future for all.

The design redefined the approach to healthcare and poverty by raising awareness through interactive installations. This included: scene setting profiles to transport the audience into someone else’s shoes and a series of installations surrounded by immersive text and experiences. These designs opened up conversation while highlighting the impact of the individual approach to the weight of this topic. Overall this production, redefined the individual experience in effectively realizing the impact on donating to C-UHS while participating to this important cause.

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Photo Credits: Nicole Breanne