Complexe Desjardins X Beige Fluo

Amplifying a Montreal landmark building through art

Three murals enhance the visitor experience of a multifunctional complex through an inspiring and creative environment

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Amplifying a Montreal landmark building through art | MASSIVart - Art Integration

Located in the heart of Montreal’s downtown, Complexe Desjardins, a Montreal landmark, is one of the city’s largest and most visited multifunctional building. As part of its food court renovation, Complexe Desjardins wanted to stand out by integrating art into the new spaces.

To bring this project to life, MASSIVart used its expertise in art curation, space design and mural production to support the teams at complexe Desjardins in the conceptualization, design, production, coordination and artistic direction of three different murals.

Our philosophy of creating impact through arts & culture was clearly evident during this project. The objectives were multiple:

  • Create a unique identity for the complexe Desjardins food court;
  • Enhance and complement the new modern and refined design;
  • Enhance the visitor experience through an inspiring and creative environment;
  • Anchor the site in its unique neighbourhood by reflecting the artistic effervescence of Montreal.

With the idea to support and empower the diverse, inclusive and emerging creative community in mind, we proposed to electrify the food court with the talent of multidisciplinary Montreal artist Beige Fluo (Cyndie Belhumeur). Her distinctive style is recognizable through her patterns, images, abstract and figurative forms that overlap, and mixing elements from the digital language with organic forms.

Dynamic, graphic and colourful, the murals Panorama contains natural elements inspired by vegetation and flowers. This composition gives the appearance of a landscape, accentuated by a colour palette reminiscent of the earth with terracotta, teal blue and yellow.

The overall design of the work was influenced by a material that is present throughout the complexe Desjardins: terrazzo. It embraces the idea of organized chaos, bringing together geometric and organic forms through layering effects and bright colours. Through multiple elements and painting techniques, Beige Fluo presents these elements intertwined to create a coherent whole that captivates the viewer.

We are proud to contribute to making art & culture more accessible and present in this iconic building in downtown Montreal. The murals deliver impact by contributing to the vibrancy, resiliency and sustainability of Complexe Desjardins, meeting high Environmental, Social & Governance (ESG) criteria while creating positive change.