6600 St Urbain - Montreal’s Mile-Ex district

Two murals highlight the neighbourhood’s rich past and celebrate its vibrant present

A striking reminder of how art can serve as a powerful catalyst for community engagement

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Two murals highlight the neighbourhood’s rich past and celebrate its vibrant present | MASSIVart - Community Engagement

MASSIVart and Canderel joined forces to animate Montreal’s Mile-Ex district by turning the 6600 Saint-Urbain building’s exterior walls into striking canvases for accessible public art.

Canderel, which owns and manages properties across Canada, aimed for something truly special with this particular location. Fostering dialogue with the community and positively contributing to the Mile-Ex’s vibrant urban fabric were key objectives for Canderel.

A collective undertaking
After carefully consulting with the Mile-Ex community about their vision for the neighbourhood’s future, MASSIVart launched a call for proposals, inviting Montreal artists to submit creatives linked to the survey feedback. Four finalists were selected to have their projects voted on by locals. In the end, it was Izabelle Duguay’s impressive ÉMERGENCES project that won voters over.

About the artwork
One of Izabelle’s recurring inspirations is the cohabitation of the urban/industrial and natural/organic worlds. Steeped in contrasting styles—a reflection of the Mile-Ex district’s eclectic DNA—the ÉMERGENCES murals’ narrative unfolds in a mixture of lines, textures and forms that recall the area’s built environment, juxtaposed with unpredictable vegetation. A large fingerprint on the mural is also a reminder of humans’ impact, whose traces prevail.

“Over time, the Mile-Ex district opened its doors to change agents carrying inspiring new ideas,” Izabelle says. “ÉMERGENCES, for me, is like an invitation to align the neighbourhood’s industrial past with a sustainable future.”

Locals—who played an active role in shaping the final artwork—along with 6600 Saint-Urbain tenants and Mile-Ex district visitors, will all be able to enjoy this burst of colour and reappropriate this space. Making the 6600 St Urbain building a new welcoming gathering place.