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From the international award-winning studio, <br>Ouchhh: DATAMONOLITH_AI | MASSIVart - Public Art

In collaboration with Dubai’s ICD Brookfield Place and the creative new media studio, Ouchhh, MASSIVart curated a cinematic experience which highlights the power of AI and the ancient origins that we all share. Residing in the heart of Dubai, the data-driven sculpture – DATAMONOLITH_AI, beckons passersby to immerse themselves in and meditate upon kinetic, dreamlike visuals.

Built with the purpose of fostering a greater sense of community and connection, ICD Brookfield Place entrusted MASSIVart as a public art consultant to select a public art installation for the building that would share in its mission. Ouchhh’s DATAMONOLITH_AI was chosen for the way in which it unifies an audience by revealing the foundations of our collective past.

Created with machine learning and AI algorithms, DATAMONOLITH_AI synthesizes data to compose sets of ever-evolving graphics based on findings from Göbekli Tepe, an archeological site located in Turkey. The monolith acts not only as a digital relic of prehistory but also as a touchstone for architectural and technological advancements.

For MASSIVart, it was a privilege to work with a client and an artist whose visions for the future align with our own. Brookfield Properties, one of the largest real estate groups in the world, has received outstanding recognition for its arts programming, while Ouchhh has earned the art world’s enthusiastic praise, winning several awards for its innovative AI works.

We are proud to add this project to our roster of art installations that have revitalized public spaces, creatively engaged visitors, and brought communities together.