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Sensational new art installations make Montreal’s public spaces come alive

Twenty-one summertime public art installations revitalize city districts while encouraging economic recovery

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Sensational new art installations make Montreal’s public spaces come alive | MASSIVart - Art Integration

As part of the City of Montreal‘s Economic Recovery Plan, two separate calls for projects for both local artists and the creative industry, were created with the aim of animating public spaces through arts and digital creativity, throughout the 2021 summer season.

In addition to stimulating local commerce, the challenge was to ensure these playful art installations would promote neighbourhood connection and appeal to a variety of ages while respecting outdoor gathering restrictions.

The result: a series of diverse artworks and artistic installations displayed in parks, streets, and near commercial avenues, allowing citizens to discover several artistic disciplines, including photography, sculpture and digital art. A total of 21 public art installations were displayed around various Montreal boroughs, which will remain until the fall.

MASSIVart had the pleasure of collaborating with numerous Montreal artists and creative firms to bring this exciting initiative to light. Given those working in the cultural sector were strongly affected during the pandemic, it was essential to help local artists with this project. We determined what artworks would best fit which district, ensuring each project is presented in the best light while prioritizing public safety.

With the large selection of sculptures, photographs, interactive installations, and digital journeys, residents and tourists will certainly find something they are drawn to. The initiative not only re-connects residents to their neighbourhoods, it also promotes locals to discover their city through a new lens. In addition to bringing joy back to city-goers and enhancing the city’s attraction, the artworks have spurred economic development, offering the ideal return to a new normal.