MASSIVart’s Artist Talks: Nicolas Grenier in Conversation about the Realm between Art, Humans and AI

Nicolas Grenier, the mind behind public art activation PRÉMONITIONS: Les voix, sat down for an illuminating conversation with MASSIVart, delving into his artistic voyage and philosophical inquiries.

Les voix is an exploration of the intricate realm between human and machine, where art and technology converge to reshape human perception. Grenier’s insights extend to artificial intelligence, revealing its profound impact on visual representation and tangible encounters. With a foundation rooted in questioning the elements that compose society’s imagery, Grenier shares, “if you think of any government, any system, any society, the idea for me of what do you include in a picture of society, or not has been kind of the basis of my work for the past ten or fifteen years.”

PRÉMONITIONS: Les voix invites all to experience this fusion at Galerie Place Ville Marie in Montréal until September 16, offering a unique dialogue with embodied AI, facilitated by artistic performers. Secure your interaction at 

Photos by Mike Patten