Creating an unforgettable hospitality experience with art

Marriott Montreal Château Champlain

A total of 59 art & design integrations provide exclusive storytelling and enhance the new design of a luxury hotel

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Creating an unforgettable hospitality experience with art | MASSIVart - Art Integration

MASSIVart collaborated with Sid Lee Architecture for the integration of 59 works in various spaces of the Marriott Montreal Château Champlain as part of the transformation of the hotel – an emblem of Montreal’s modern heritage.

Symbolic of Quebec’s architectural heritage, not to mention being an exceptional visual landmark at the heart of the city, the Château Champlain has unveiled a chic updated design that enhances the majestic urban landscape offered by its variety of panoramic views.

Reimagined in an elegant, timeless style, the new Château Champlain reasserts its place amongst Canada’s most illustrious hotels by updating its interior design that integrates the spirit of Marriott’s beloved brand.

Like a winter garden
Inspired by the uninterrupted views offered by the hotel’s interior “balconies,” Sid Lee Architecture decided to go with an original conceptual approach that highlights the beauty of the surrounding landscape during winter.

Including sculptures, prints, illustrations, photographs and tapestries, all are inspired by the theme of a winter garden with each artist making their own interpretation. The works support the architectural vision of the renovation, creating different stories linked by the same theme. The messages are conveyed not only through the visuals but also through the materials used and the choice of colours, allowing visitors to appreciate the beauty of a Montreal winter from inside throughout all seasons.

Three major art pieces
The major artworks, overseen by MASSIVart as public art consultants, are located in the captivating hotel lobby. One of them is a projection on a printed image by Canadian artist Sabrina Ratté. Evoking a winter landscape where a floating entity appears to be made of flesh and air, gravity and lightness – an ambiguous presence embracing its environment.

Margot Klingender‘s Sunflowers is an impressive sculpture based on the intimate observation of gardens in the Canadian artist’s neighbourhood. She mimics the irregularity of the natural world, transforming it into something both naîve and dangerous.

Montreal ceramic artist Pascale Girardin, known notably for her large-scale creations in prestigious locations around the world, created Drifts, a 59′ plus bas-relief designed to greet guests in the lobby. Each curve was carefully shaped to emulate the generous and soft nature of a snowy blade.

The 59 art and design integrations amplified the architectural vision of the renovation project, resulting in a new building that will stand the test of time, repositioned to ensure a memorable experience. MASSIVart is proud to have contributed to delivering impact by contributing to the vibrancy, resiliency and sustainability of this iconic place.