Art to bring a renewed sense of hope and wellness to local communities

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Art to bring a renewed sense of hope and wellness to local communities | MASSIVart - Art Integration

As the world opens back up, real estate developer Cadillac Fairview (CF) wanted to partner with seven pan-Canadian artists to create fun, colourful art installations in seven of its retail destinations locations across Canada. This art series is a part of CF’s Capture the Moment campaign which aims to bring light and colour to the summer season and inspire Canadians to engage with their community spaces.

Featured at seven CF properties in four provinces, Canadians will find bright, elaborate and engaging murals featuring mirrors and other reflective surfaces to encourage positive self-reflection. To further promote the importance of self-love and positivity and aligned with its philanthropic approach, CF will be making a donation to seven local community groups that support mental health and well-being.

MASSIVart collaborated with North Strategic to curate the artists, advise on the art direction, and assist them in the creative development and production of their concept in order to provide art direction and design continuity.

Unveiled in June 2022 and exhibited for a period of 3 months, the murals are unique and specifically created for each location, anchored in each respective community, but united throughout. Diversity is at the heart of our curation:

Nasarimba – CF Market Mall (Calgary)
Emilie Darlington – CF Rideau Centre (Ottawa)
Ripple and Rise – CF Richmond Centre (Vancouver)
Stephanie Boutari – CF Fairview Park (Kitchener)
Francorama – CF Fairview Pointe Claire (Montreal)
Jacquie Comrie – CF Shops at Don Mills (Toronto)
Urban Iskwew – CF Masonville (London)

The group of artists was encouraged to create bold, colourful murals featuring mirrors and other reflective surfaces highlighting words of self-love, positivity and wellness. The eye-catching creations were designed to spark feel-good moments, inspiring Canadians to reflect on the beauty of life and rediscover the vital social connections that many have missed over the last two years.

The goal is to boost the mental health of the community, delivering on CF purpose to transform communities for a vibrant tomorrow. MASSIVart is proud to participate in this transformation, through our strategic culture-driven solutions.