Innovatively conveying the vibrancy, beauty and history of a major city through art

FREL - The Summit Santa Fe

Creating an inspiring destination in Mexico City’s financial district with bespoke art integrations

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Innovatively conveying the vibrancy, beauty and history of a major city through art | MASSIVart - Art Integration

FREL, one of the leaders in the real estate sector with 60 years of breaking ground to their credit in Mexico, called upon MASSIVart as an art consultant to integrate art in different spaces of their brand new office complex.

The challenge was to create the most impactful architectural art installations, which would represent the location’s innovativeness, while also being intimately linked to the city’s history.

MASSIVart came in as an art consulting team to conceive and collaborate on this groundbreaking project for the art direction, the curation and the production management of two major art pieces. These two impressive works, each with a unique character, made their home at The Summit Santa Fe:

Loom/Weave by Juan Pablo de la Vega
In the lobby, a contemplative art piece brings serenity and inspiration to viewers at the beginning and end of the working day. Mexican artist Juan Pablo de la Vega developed an AI generative art installation, which translates data from Mexico City and the building itself into mesmerizing visuals reminiscent of traditional Mexican art weaving, giving it a contemporary twist. Learn more about this fascinating work.

Fragments by Alexandre Berthiaume of Futil Inc.
For this 450sqm art installation, MASSIVart proposed the concept of a mountain’s abstraction as the building was built in a zone surrounded by several mountains (Santa Fe). We invited Canadian artist and designer Alexandre Berthiaume of Futil Inc. to bring this vision to life and supervised the fabrication and installation of this large-scale piece. We invite you to discover what is behind this massive work of art.

These two incredible artworks will become an iconic part of the Santa Fe district, inspiring both visitors and tenants of the building. Each has its own story to tell, helping to foster conversation and connection within the property, while also increasing awareness and as a result, its value.