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The Student Hotel Florence

A grand opening for the new Student Hotel in Florence, Italy

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The Student Hotel Florence | MASSIVart - Art Curator Services

The Project

The Student Hotel is a co-living, co-working business model providing a unique hybrid destination for a fast-growing global community. The group plans to have 41 properties (17,550 rooms) in major European cities by 2021 including Amsterdam, Barcelona, Paris, Florence, Bologna, Madrid, Berlin, Rome, Delft, and Vienna.

The state-of-the-art facilities and dynamic spaces encourage students and guests to find their purpose and change the way we live, work and travel by creating stimulating environments and experiences.

To celebrate the group’s newest opening, The Student Hotel collaborated with MASSIVart to create awe-inspiring installations to commemorate a memorable launch.

The result was 50’ x 100’ projection mapping masterpiece that included captivating visuals mapped on a courtyard wall which showcased works from three different Florence and Montreal-based artists combining and complementing their artworks and creativity to celebrate on an international scale.