MASSIVart creates destinations through art, culture and placemaking. We create inclusive experiences, bring meaning to places, craft authentic identities and build inspiring communities.

Today’s successful organizations are realizing that to stand out they must rethink traditional advertising, promotional and design tactics and shift their efforts to more culturally relevant initiatives.

MASSIVart unites custom-tailored teams of impassioned strategists, architects, designers, fabricators, curators and artists to reimagine and create spaces through art and culture, from idea to inception. Be it for public art installations, workplaces, hotels, product launches, museums or high-end residential developments, we ensure that our customers and their clients or users coexist and connect in unique, beneficial and emotionally uplifting ways. We work to understand and execute in perfect alignment with each client’s objectives.

Real Estate Development & Space Design Services

MASSIVart transforms real estate and architecture spaces into creative destinations that both unite and excite.

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We collaborate with retailers, developers, architects and designers to enhance spaces and create more remarkable and desirable destinations through art, creativity, design and cultural programming.

Our solutions extend far beyond creating amazing spaces. They help to ensure our clients attain their objectives and KPIs through greater awareness and increased foot traffic that can ultimately lead to elevated sales.

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Brand & Consumer Experiences

MASSIVart creates memorable places, events and moments with art.

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With the multiplication of touchpoints between brands and their consumers, and so many brands competing for the same attention and dollar, it is increasingly challenging to create meaningful and lasting connections.

MASSIVart works with consumer brands as well as with their advertising, marketing, PR and experiential agencies. We help them cut through the noise and better connect with consumers through well-produced art and cultural programming to enhance and execute their marketing campaigns.

  • Custom fabrication
  • Experiential and interactive installation
  • Creative events and pop-up production
  • Brand and sponsorship activation
  • Experiential production
  • Artist collaboration, sourcing and management
  • Marketing campaigns support

Exhibition & Museum Design

MASSIVart creates unconventional and engaging exhibition experiences.

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More than ever, museums and cultural exhibits are mirrors of contemporary society. Like society, they both comprise and must appeal to an immense range of tastes and interests. In doing so, they must often communicate complex, sometimes-divergent subject matters, using an abundance of archival materials and media.

Using modern and unconventional approaches, our team works with museums and cultural institutions to create strong, well-structured, target-specific narratives.

We provide customized, end-to-end solutions that include planning, research, copywriting, design, fabrication and installation of interactive content and spaces of all types.

  • Permanent, temporary and touring exhibitions
  • Exhibition conception and design
  • Artefact handling
  • Museography
  • Production and assembly
  • Interactive device fabrication
  • Manifest and exhibition signage
  • Digital activation
  • Event amplification
  • Artist collaboration

Public Art

MASSIVart produces and commissions captivating creative installations.

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We believe in the power of public art and see the animation of space as a central part of placemaking, community building and local cultural development.

With our network of globally renowned and emerging artists, we work with municipalities, urban developers and public art consultants to produce dynamic and site-specific public art installations.

And we’re equally passionate about both temporary interventions and enduring urban development projects.

  • Strategy, site analysis and master planning
  • Permanent and temporary intervention
  • Urban development projects
  • Art collection
  • Public art procurement and installation
  • Sourcing and appointment of artists
  • Large scale sculpture and art installation

Strategic and Creative Consulting

MASSIVart plans, develops and deploys impactful creative strategies.

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Art-driven ideas are at the core of our services. The core value that we bring our clients are our creative ideas powered by art and culture, an unlimited source of inspiration.

We perform in-depth consulting and studies to analyze our clients’ creative and art integration needs from real estate development projects to events. We devise an actionable report that includes the strategy, programming and a concrete implementation plan with detailed budget and timeline.

  • Benchmarking & research
  • Data collection
  • Stakeholder interviews
  • Community sourcing
  • Master planning
  • Strategic analysis
  • Concrete solution and implementation plan
  • Event art direction

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