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Reverberation by Delaney Allen

A new immersive experience disrupting the viewer’s perception.

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Reverberation by Delaney Allen | MASSIVart - Art Curator Services

Auberge Resorts Collection, the leading brand of luxury, one-of-a-kind hotels and resorts, and MASSIVart, unveiled a new unique cultural art program featuring a thought-provoking series of artist residencies and immersive installations at six Auberge Resorts Collection properties in the United States and Mexico.

One of the first two destination-driven unveilings happened at the Commodore Perry Estate, Auberge Resorts Collection (Austin, Texas) with artist Delaney Allen.

The theme of Allen’s installations is Reverberation, as the rose, the flower of the estate, set the foundation for his creations. Roses. As roses are omnipresent and echo throughout the property, whether in elements inside the mansion or outside in the rose gardens, Allen was inspired to play with the maximalist visuals of the hotel and its tapestries.

Playing with patterns and layering, camouflage is one of the key elements present in the two installations developed. Allen aims to catch the viewers’ eye and disrupt their perception in order to create a new immersive environment. More than decor, these elements create surprising spaces that magnify Commodore Perry Estate’s distinctive interior.

To create the wallpaper, seen in the hallway installation titled Still Life, Allen obtained a printmaking tray and experimented with varying colours using a combination of food colouring along with milk, water or cola. By not filling the tray to its brim, he explains you are able to have the larger flowers sit on the bottom while lighter elements float allowing for a nice blend.

The elevator, titled Rose Water, is intended to serve as an immersive opportunity for hotel guests. With its secretive, hidden existence in the mansion, the installation allows for surprise and intrigue when discovered.

Delaney Allen is an American photographer and artist whose work investigates self-exploration while surveying and masking varying objectives within photography. Allen, noted for his merging of subjects and styles, arrives at a visual language unique to his own.