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Welcoming the Back to School Season in Vancouver

MASSIVart Brings a Stunning Symphony of Repetition to JLL’s Metropolis at Metrotown

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Welcoming the Back to School Season in Vancouver | MASSIVart - Artistic Activation

A unique and captivating artistic activation to Metropolis at Metrotown, located in the Centre of Metro Vancouver, Symphony of Repetition has arrived just in time for the back-to-school season. Managed by Jones Lang LaSalle (JLL), Metropolis at Metrotown is known for bringing creative activations to the Burnaby community throughout the year.

To welcome the new school year, they were looking for a striking school-themed installation for their shoppers. Designed in-house with production managed by MASSIVart, Symphony of Repetition ingeniously transforms ordinary school materials into extraordinary works of art.

Moving through an enchanting archway crafted from school binders, visitors are invited to sit on benches made of pencil cases or to capture moments against an imaginative backdrop made entirely of school supplies. The vivid hues, gradients, forms, and textures create an ideal setting for capturing photos and selfies, adding a splash of creativity to memories.

Positioned strategically in the Grand Court, this installation has a dual purpose. Not only does it serve as a catalyst for conversations among families about the upcoming school year and students’ aspirations, but it also offers a welcoming oasis for reprieve and introspection amidst bustling back-to-school shopping.

At its core, Symphony of Repetition celebrates the beauty found in routine and repetition. Challenging the conventional notion that repetition leads to predictability, the activation invites viewers to recognize repetition as an opportunity for personal growth and discovery, unlocking their unique brilliance.

On display at Metropolis at Metrotown until September 10th, Symphony of Repetition launches the academic year in style, creating a communal space for individuals to prepare for the months ahead. The MASSIVart team is proud to have created an activation in Vancouver that creates an opportunity for communities to connect with creativity and share their enthusiasm for the coming year.