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Guildford Town Centre Unveils Playful Artistic Outdoor Seating

Artistic Activation: Guildford Town Centre Begins A Colourful Renaissance with MASSIVart

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Artistic Activation

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Guildford Town Centre Unveils Playful Artistic Outdoor Seating | MASSIVart - Artistic Activation

Guildford Town Centre (GTC), owned by Ivanhoé Cambridge and managed by Jones Lang Lasalle (JLL) in Surrey, just outside of Vancouver, BC, is revitalizing its Plaza with MASSIVart, acting as public art consultants, to infuse bold and colourful artistic activations. Their objective was to infuse the outdoor space with interactive and engaging installations to create an extraordinary shopping experience for visitors. MASSIVart curated, produced and managed the delivery of these vibrant installations by artists Craig and Karl, creating a hub for connection and inspiration for the community.

Creative Strategy
The creative strategy included curating, designing, and producing art installations that would activate Guildford Town Centre’s outdoor space for Summer. Enlisting internationally acclaimed artists Craig and Karl, known for using bright colours and bold shapes, the MASSIVart team delivered eight larger-than-life structures in different sizes exclusively designed for Guildford Town Centre. The floor graphics act as a carpet; this immersive combination of structures and floor graphics creates an inviting and joyful ambiance across the mall entrance.

Results and Impact
The art installations have added summer life to the Plaza, enhancing the overall atmosphere of the shopping centre. These installations have quickly become focal points, attracting visitors, fostering a sense of community and encouraging visitors to linger, socialize, and appreciate the creative energy. Halfway through the campaign, GTC has reached 648K+ people through earned media and event listings, achieved 84 million impressions for the press release, and received over 40 claimed prizes and 1000+ scans (associated promotion with the seating). “All our Delightfully artsy content is performing great on our channels – over 17K accounts reached on our first post promoting the pieces. As for press our agency has generated some great coverage for us so far,” says Guildford Town Centre’s Marketing Manager, Kiran Deol.

The collaboration between Guildford Town Centre, MASSIVart, and artists Craig and Karl exemplifies the transformative power of public art installations & creative placemaking.