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Creating an Annual Artistic Program for Retail

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Creating an Annual Artistic Program for Retail | MASSIVart - Art Integration

Grupo Sordo Madaleno, one of the leading architectural firms in Mexico and owner of a group of select shopping centers throughout the country, seeks to offer its customers stimulating and highly memorable experiences through art installations displayed throughout the year.

To help them convey this experience, MASSIVart offered its expertise and knowledge to act as a strategic ally to conceive, curate, and produce a 6 month program of four artistic installations. To achieve the task, MASSIVart teamed up with some talented Mexican artists to create this impactful art installations program, Instalaciones Artísticas 2022, which will be showcased in five shopping centers located in Mexico City, Puebla, Veracruz and Queretaro:

FESTIVAL DE MÚSICA (MUSIC FESTIVAL) – Local artist Yim Miyaki painted a series of pianos spread out throughout the mall so that visitors could experience the creative process live and in a more personal way. For the rest of the month, people can interact with the pianos in their respective locations and have a playful and inspiring moment in the space.

ANIMALES MÁGICOS (MAGICAL ANIMALS) – In collaboration with visual artist Magdiel Herrera, and following a Mexican fauna theme to celebrate the country’s heritage and raise awareness of environmental protection, we designed these inflatable art pieces that are playful, fun, and ephemeral. Thanks to their surprising designs, the pieces can bring joy to families (especially children) and find space anywhere in the mall.

POMPONES MEXICANOS (MEXICAN POM POMS) – A suspended installation that fills the mall with life and colour. We used traditional Mexican pom poms to create a stunning suspended installation that celebrates Mexican folk art and the importance of supporting artisans as a way to endorse culture and traditions while sharing information about this craft through attractive signage placed around the mall.

MOSAICO DE MASCOTAS (PET MOSAIC) – This activation invites visitors to participate in the creation of a collective piece. With a photo studio set in the mall, a photographer takes pictures of the pets. Visitors take home the printed photo while the portrait is integrated into the digital mosaic. Viewers can see the portraits multiply while enjoying a contemplative artistic experience with the subtle movement of the mosaic.

We are thrilled to contribute to making art & culture more accessible and present these art installations at the different shopping centers that integrate the group throughout the Mexican Republic. The project will have an impact by increasing foot traffic and sales in the selected shopping centers while preserving the Sordo Madaleno Group’s innovative reputation.