Building More Creative Interiors to Encourage Return to the Office

KPMG’s Office Gathering Space Undergoes A Total Redesign and Reposition

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Building More Creative Interiors to Encourage Return to the Office | MASSIVart - Artistic Activation

To encourage a return to the office movement, KPMG wanted to offer a more creative communal space for their employees. Wanting to revamp their cafeteria and provide an engaging area for their team to enjoy meal time and breaks, KPMG looked to MASSIVart’s multidisciplinary team to pilot the redesign of the space.

Beginning by exploring the most innovative offices worldwide, MASSIVart, partnering with Montreal-based architecture firm Ivy Studio, imagined and conceptualized the creative vision and direction for this new space by selecting inspiration from different sources. The challenge involved transforming a conventional 1500 square foot office space, previously a traditional office gathering space, into a more expansive and dynamic 3,100 square foot workspace, ensuring a functional kitchen and enough seating for KPMG’s 800 employees while offering inspiring spaces to recharge.

Our team aimed to transform the original cafeteria into a welcoming, comfortable and engaging space. Wanting to provide their employees with a delicious cafe experience on-site with world-class tools, KPMG opted to integrate an Italian-style coffee bar with a professional barista on-site. The coffee bar, with its marble-style countertop, is now a perfect spot for KPMG’s employees to stop to refuel throughout their days. The MASSIVart team also integrated games into the space to create a playful atmosphere. MASSIVart produced a free-spirited atmosphere anchored in KMPG’s iconic royal blue.

The team delivered a transformative modernization of a core component of everyone’s daily life at the office. By creating engaging and attractive spaces for current and future employees, MASSIVart aims to reposition iconic landmarks and move the dial forward in the broader back-to-office efforts.