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Enhancing Office Space through Reinvigorating Curation and Design

Canadian Artists Integrate Cultural and Artistic Vibrancy into Two Downtown Toronto Properties

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Enhancing Office Space through Reinvigorating Curation and Design | MASSIVart - Art Curation

Allied Properties REIT (Allied) is a leading owner, manager and developer of distinctive urban workspace in Canada’s major cities. In 2012, Allied established its Make Room for the Arts program to support the economic viability of local artists and increase the cultural and artistic vibrancy of the neighbourhoods where they operate. As a part of this program, Allied turned to MASSIVart to enhance its visitors’ experience in two of its buildings, 555 Richmond Street West and 60 Adelaide East, in a way that impactfully aligns with its Make Room for the Arts program. MASSIVart’s multidisciplinary team of art consultants selected, curated, produced, integrated, and installed two stunning natural and sculptural pieces to increase the buildings’ lobbies’ cultural and artistic vibrancy. Not only do the pieces elevate the space, but they contribute toward repositioning and invigorating the properties by investing in the aesthetic culture of the buildings.

Our team curated Canadian artists Lisa Yang and Alexandre Berthiaume to create pieces that added natural and sculptural elements to the spaces. In the 60 Adelaide Street East location, Montreal-based artist Lisa Yang’s three-part series Rose, Ribbon, Glass adorns the lobby’s walls. Her work is known for decontextualizing everyday objects and centring textures and colours. In Rose, Ribbon, Glass, a single rose is the main subject and is placed behind frosted glass material. Wrapped in sheer pink cloth and covered by glass, the rose undergoes an imperfect metamorphosis throughout the three-part series and as it breathes in its new environment. The piece is filled with purple, blue, and pink hues, transforming the entryway of 60 Adelaide into a delicate and airy space, setting the tone for the rest of the building.

Alexandre Berthiaume’s sculpture, Johnny and Mary, can be found in the 555 Richmond Street West’s property and was custom-made for the lobby. Alexandre Berthiaume is a multidisciplinary artist based in Montreal and founded his company FUTIL in 2003. His art combines his studies in architecture with his 3D art, graphic design and motion design, and his piece Johnny and Mary brings a sense of scale and time to 555 Richmond. Johnny and Mary is “more than an inert object” resulting from a 3D simulation of two soft bodies colliding. The piece draws on thoughts of the fragility of being human and our resilience. Johnny and Mary is a beautiful piece that reinvigorates 555 Richmond’s space in a thought-provoking way.

This endeavour has been a great collaboration between MASSIVart and two talented artists. We are thrilled to have contributed to the cultural and artistic vibrancy of two of Allied’s downtown Toronto workspaces as a part of their meaningful Make Room for the Arts program. These installations not only enhance the spaces but also support local artists, underscoring the importance of public art consultancy in fostering vibrant and dynamic urban environments.