Biosphère, a utopic night at the museum

Space for Life - Biosphère

One of the most daring architectural icons in Canada revitalized through an immersive experience

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Biosphère, a utopic night at the museum | MASSIVart - Creative Events & Pop-up Production

The Biosphère was developed as the USA pavilion for Expo 67 in Montreal by Architect Buckminster Fuller, and is now the only museum in North America entirely dedicated to the environment. Space For Life has taken ownership of the museum after 50 years of operation by Environment Canada, and wanted to take this opportunity to rejuvenate the iconic Biosphère.

The challenge: revitalizing the Biosphère brand through environment-oriented cultural activations and immersive art installations in line with its mission to bring people closer to nature, while maintaining a safe environment for attendees.

The immersive experience allowed selected guests to discover Space for Life and its mission, in a fun, engaging, and playful way. MASSIVart imagined the concept and directed the production, while taking a unique artistic direction in line with the environment to attract a diverse audience. Mixing theater, art, and music, participants embarked on a utopic journey with a storyline and actors guiding them through the various experiences.

Upon entering Utopia, guests first strolled through the mirage space, infused with smoke and laser lighting, creating a unique and mysterious atmosphere with a playlist by artists YlangYlang and Lexis.

The external square was transformed by La Camaraderie, who conceived the participatory installation Everything is Linked which invites you to create this ecosystem through collective action. The installation symbolizes the need to create links between our values, our actions, our relationships and our choices in order to build the new system of a more sustainable world. The collective artwork became an emblem of the importance of union and collaboration.

Guests could enjoy an immersive video concert with 360° screen projections, offering a contemplative and sound immersive experience. While the ambient projections were diffused, artist Justin Wright, one of the city’s most innovative cellists, played live music, offering a timeless and enchanting moment.

Guests could also sit under a giant inflatable full moon by Lucion which represented the planetarium, illustrating the idea of a light of hope for the future of humanity. Guests enjoyed themselves by mingling near the Tupi Collective DJ set, sipping natural mixology cocktails and nibbling on “food of the future” representing the insectarium in the museum, throughout the evening making for one memorable night.