Revitalizing Historical Landmarks Through Creative Strategies

70 York’s New Creative Strategy Acts as a Catalyst in its Transition Towards the Future

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Revitalizing Historical Landmarks Through Creative Strategies | MASSIVart - Art Integration

Colliers Real Estate Management Services is embarking on a major revitalization project with 70 York, a property in the heart of Toronto’s financial district. MASSIVart has been mandated to create a multi-phased creative strategy throughout its renovation phases to reposition 70 York in the market, making it more attractive for current and incoming tenants. In this ambitious redevelopment project, we are collaborating with Colliers, PrimeInvest Management Inc, and Gensler Architectural Firm.

With its distinctive century-old facade, 70 York stands out from the financial district cityscape as a heritage building. Our strategy magnifies and leverages assets such as the Romanesque Revival and Victorian Architecture to enhance the building’s distinctive character. Through art and creativity, we reinforce the site’s identity as a destination where heritage meets the future.

As part of the first phase of the redevelopment, we provided short-term temporary interventions and permanent solutions to counter inevitable changes brought by the redevelopment. MASSIVart’s multidisciplinary team worked on the creative direction, curation and production.

While the lobby is undergoing a redesign, MASSIVart collaborated with Toronto-based artist Kellen Hatanaka to create a series of custom murals to adorn the hoarding to create a more inviting space for visitors during the construction phase. The characters in Kellen’s murals reflect Toronto’s microcosmic character that reflects the new diverse, innovative individuals who will bring new life to 70 York. He also drew inspiration from the original architecture of the building and nature.  Found in the lobby and on the exterior windows of the building, Kellen’s murals provide a short-term creative solution, using the hoardings as a canvas for his art.

To provide permanent but immediate impact in alcoves outside the building, Toronto-based artist Elise Conlin created three brightly coloured murals. Utilizing the distinct architecture of the building, the art has been integrated into the alcoves used creatively, infusing light and creativity through bold art integrations, each activation creates an unexpected and engaging impact for visitors and passersby.

The creative interventions will continue beyond the first stages seen in the lobby and on the exterior of the building. In the next phase, the MASSIVart team will deliver a permanent plaza in the North Alley of the building to be seen in 2024.

Creating an intimate oasis in the heart of Toronto, MASSIVart will produce creatively integrated furniture, workstations, lighting, and graphic paving on the ground in collaboration with DS Studio. The North Alley intends to be used for yearly programming and tenant community building while extending the workspace to the outdoors in the heart of Toronto.

In addition and as part of the vision for 70 York’s new lobby, MASSIVart will also be integrating permanent creative interventions in the lobby. To be seen later in 2024, 70 York will become a destination to inspire connection, creativity, and innovation in its current and future tenants while remaining true to the building’s heritage.

This first phase not only visually communicated the vibrant future that lies ahead of the redevelopment, it also reinforced the perception of the site as an animated destination, elevating its attractiveness for future tenants and locals alike.