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Global Vision for Creative Placemaking, Public Art and Community Engagement | MASSIVart - Artistic Activation

Brookfield Properties, a global leader in commercial real estate, has partnered with MASSIVart to bring art to their properties in Toronto, New York City, and Dubai. Brookfield strives to make their properties more than workspaces, but also vibrant cultural hubs. To achieve this, they created Arts & Culture Brookfield, a gold-standard initiative to foster tenant engagement, curated experiences, and a sense of community within their properties. MASSIVart is a strategic creative partner & public art consultant that helps Brookfield Properties achieve this goal by animating vacant but high-traffic zones to activate with dynamic art.

Shaping Global Offices & Mixed-Use Projects

Arts Brookfield is a program that aims to make Brookfield Properties’ buildings more engaging and community-oriented. They do this by creating beautiful and impactful experiences and events for tenants and visitors and by showcasing public art.

Elysa Marden, Senior Vice President of Arts Brookfield for Brookfield Properties, highlights the significance of public art consultants in transforming spaces: “Public art can change the perception of the architecture, enabling people to experience our spaces in a new way.”

From NYC to Dubai

MASSIVart brings immersive art experiences to real estate properties worldwide, stimulating meaningful conversations around heritage, technology, and community engagement. The goal is to enhance the appeal of properties through art.


In collaboration with ICD Brookfield Place, MASSIVart acted as public art consultants, curating DATAMONOLITH_AI by Ouchhh, a data-driven sculpture that draws inspiration from AI and ancient origins. Kicking off the beginning of ICD Brookfield Place’s Art Program, this sculpture uses machine learning and AI algorithms and is inspired by Göbekli Tepe, symbolizing architectural and technological progress. This collaboration united MASSIVart, ICD Brookfield Place, and Ouchhh, earning acclaim and awards for revitalizing this public space.

When asked about the ROI of art integrations and investing in placemaking at their property, ICD Brookfield Place responded, “We are creating a community. By investing in our place, we are investing in our tenants and visitors. We champion the fact that great places attract more tenants, and more tenants equate to greater profit, all while supporting artists and young creators.


In New York City, at Brookfield Properties’ Manhattan West Plaza and Brookfield Place Waterfront Plaza, MASSIVart served as public art consultants, curating Liz West‘s “Hymn to the Big Wheel,” to energize plazas and engage communities. This immersive sculptural work played with colour and light, creating vibrant environments and fostering connections with local communities. The first time Liz West’s “Hymn to the Big Wheel” was shown in North America, the activation received substantial marketing success. Nearly 60% of visitors who pass through their properties mention that they found out about installations through Brookfield’s social media and word of mouth.

Also in New York City, MASSIVart curated the lobby at 660 Fifth Avenue in collaboration with Arts Brookfield. The installations by artists Adam Parker Smith and Patrick Coutu added a touch of irreverent energy and explored connections between natural phenomena and scientific representation. It gave interim life to 660 Fifth Avenue’s lobby, further elevating the property as a community-driven destination and attracting prospective tenants.


MASSIVart collaborated with the Luminato Festival and the Brookfield Properties Toronto team as public art consultants to bring Jordan Bennett‘s “Echoes Calling Back” to life. Initially displayed at the festival, this large-scale multi-coloured moose antler explored Indigenous stewardship and Toronto’s uncolonized past. As a mobile artwork, it found a temporary home at Brookfield Properties’ Bay Adelaide Centre, enriching Toronto’s cultural landscape. “Echoes Calling Back” embraced principles of Inclusion, Diversity, Equity and Access and was an exquisite showcase of Brookfield Properties’ commitment to integrating diverse perspectives and voices into their property. As a travelling artwork, the installation was able to reach a wider audience, promoting dialogue and appreciation for Indigenous art while exemplifying the sustainability of travelling creations.

MASSIVart partners with Brookfield Properties to integrate art and culture in commercial real estate. This pioneering approach creates environments that promise long-term value, resilience, and desirability, establishing a precedent for the industry and highlighting the potential of purposeful creative placemaking and artistic expression.