Musée de la Gaspésie - “Dear Leo”

Temporary exhibition on an artist-craftsman emblematic of Gaspesian heritage

Immersion in the memories of Leo Lapierre, his time, his imagination, in the nostalgia of a Gaspesian figure

Exhibition & Museum Design

Exhibition Conception & Design

Interactive Design - Fabrication - Production & Assembly

Temporary exhibition on an artist-craftsman emblematic of Gaspesian heritage | MASSIVart - Exhibition Conception & Design

For nine months, MASSIVart collaborated with the Musée de la Gaspésie in the conception and production of the temporary exhibition “Dear Leo”. Presented until 2023, it was designed as a travelling exhibition in Gaspésie, just like Leo Lapierre.

The MASSIVart team was able to immerse themselves in this childlike artist-craftsman’s universe to recreate it as accurately as possible. It was clear that the recovery of objects was an integral part of his creative process, giving a second life to tin cans, pieces of wood and other abandoned materials.

To remain true to his process, the furniture in the exhibition comes mostly from recycled objects. The materials used for the scenography are given a second life: milk crates from a local producer, old classroom furniture from a nearby school, used pallets and old vintage televisions.

The idea behind the exhibit was to feel as if you were in Lapierre’s garden shed, where everything began, his creative studio where his objects accumulated. The scenography is thus divided into two atmospheres: the shed and the classroom – where Leo shared his creations and inspiration with children.

Lapierre was a magician with an endless imagination. It was important to highlight his humanity and his story through his work in schools. To make this possible, our creative team suggested using the thread of children’s letters who Lapierre met with to talk about his work.

While visiting the exhibition, one can easily fall back into their childhood with nostalgia and amusement. The viewer is sure to be immersed in a familiar, intimate atmosphere, but also in an era that calls upon the memories of the people of Gaspé.

The scenography, the graphic elements and the overall design highlight the eccentric universe of Lapierre while offering a clear, playful and immersive environment.

With nearly 100 works are exhibited, from sculptures to musical instruments, the exhibition offers a fresh and unconventional approach to discover the history and personality of this popular Gaspesian artist. People of all ages can interact with the various elements of the exhibition from doing an exercise in the classroom to playing the guitars to writing a letter to Lapierre to pay him one last tribute.