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Exploring AI and Creativity | MASSIVart - Cultural Programming

The Chromatic Festival, MASSIVart’s festival of art and culture, returned after a hiatus with Chromatic Pro on July 6th at Centre Phi in Montreal. The day-long event brought together creative minds from various disciplines to explore the intricate relationship between artificial intelligence (AI), technologies and artistic innovation. The event aimed to explore the possibilities, challenges, and impacts generated by the integration of AI in the realm of art and culture.

This year’s Chromatic Pro resulted from a cross-cultural exchange led by Digital Inter/Section (DI/S), a European project for digital art and cultural organizations. MASSIVart welcomed a team of leading European Creative Professionals to explore innovative business models, research, and industry discussions to enrich creative economies in Canada and the EU. With MASSIVart being the only non-EU member, this year’s Chromatic Pro gathering acted as a lab for exploring new horizons in art and technology.

Designed as a symposium and professional meeting platform, members of the creative community were invited to participate in discussions, panels, and workshops. The event was structured around a captivating keynote presentation, a thought-provoking panel discussion, and hands-on practical workshops, offering attendees a holistic view of the potential of AI technologies in the creative process. Some notable speakers included Adam Basanta, Erin Gee, Nicolas Reeves, Filip Duknac, Valentine Goddard, Duc Tran, Calvin Maighan, Marine Theunissien, and Nicolas Grenier.

Attendees gained valuable insights into the multifaceted perspectives within the creative community regarding AI technologies. As a dynamic laboratory of ideas, Chromatic Pro expanded horizons, forged new connections, and generated a meaningful dialogue surrounding the intersection of artificial intelligence and creativity.