A Vibrant Fusion of Art, Community, and Business

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Transforming Vancouver's Metropolis At Metrotown Plaza: Unleashing the Power of Public Art and Placemaking

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A Vibrant Fusion of Art, Community, and Business | MASSIVart - Artistic Activation

JLL and MASSIVart have joined forces to activate Vancouver’s Metropolis At Metrotown Plaza during the Summer of 2023 by infusing it with vibrant colours, playful furniture, and a lively atmosphere. Acting as strategic public art consultants, MASSIVart conceptualized the project and took charge of curation, production, and artist management

The goals were to activate the plaza, fill it with vibrant colours, engage the community, foster interaction, and meet the business objectives of British Columbia’s largest shopping centre, including boosting foot traffic and increasing dwell time.

A Creative Oasis

Thanks to artists Trevor Wheatley‘s and Cosmo Dean of Top Top Projects’ direct painting on the floor and modules, the area has transformed into a bustling gathering point and a destination in its own right. The project incorporates creative furniture and ground treatments, making it visible even from Vancouver’s SkyTrain and adding a playful and friendly touch to the Summer atmosphere.

Curated specifically for this project are Canadian artists Trevor Wheatley and Cosmo Dean. Their work primarily focuses on typography and the history of public art as experienced by individuals on the streets. The artists have worked on individual modules, connecting the sculptural components to the ground and creating a large, dynamic footprint outside the mall. The installation includes four structures, all between 8-10 feet in length, with three steps on each for people to sit on. The painting serves as a unifying element, symbolizing a sense of togetherness.

Art, Community and Business

Through this collaboration between JLL, artists Trevor Wheatley and Cosmo Dean, and MASSIVart as public art consultants, the project exemplifies how public art & creative placemaking can significantly impact communities and achieve business objectives. By infusing vibrant artistic elements into the Metropolis At Metrotown Plaza, we fostered a sense of vitality and creativity, creating an inviting atmosphere that attracts and engages people, leading to increased foot traffic and longer dwell times.