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The Face of Our People Unveils Banco Azteca’s Enduring Connection

The Face of Our People: A Captivating Art Installation Celebrating Banco Azteca's 20th Anniversary in Mexico City

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The Face of Our People Unveils Banco Azteca’s Enduring Connection | MASSIVart - Artistic Activation

In 2022, Banco Azteca celebrated its 20-year anniversary by honouring its clients and collaborators through a remarkable piece of art. At the heart of this commemoration was a deep appreciation for the people who have contributed to Banco Azteca’s remarkable growth and establishment as one of Mexico’s leading banks. Teaming up with MASSIVart as public art consultants, Banco Azteca embarked on the creation of an impactful sculpture that reflects its client base, collaborators and workforce.

MASSIVart curated and managed the production and installation of The Face of Our People. Created by local artist and mathematician Juan Pablo de la Vega Castañeda was entrusted with the creation of an algorithm and used AI to create a sculpture that would pay tribute to the individuals who have shaped Banco Azteca’s history.

Embracing Inclusive Prosperity
Banco Azteca, driven by its commitment to inclusive prosperity, recognized the need to celebrate and acknowledge the diverse community that forms its foundation. The sculpture became a symbol of gratitude, honouring the collective effort, dreams, and aspirations of all who have been part of the Banco Azteca family, with MASSIVart guiding the project as public art consultants.

At the heart of the awe-inspiring sculpture lies the fusion of thousands of photographic portraits, skillfully blending the faces of Banco Azteca’s clients to create a powerful symbol of unity. What elevates this artwork is the integration of artificial intelligence, enabling it to envision and represent the bank’s future. By celebrating its community, Banco Azteca emphasizes the value of unity and the collaborative spirit that has propelled its success.

A Community-Driven Masterpiece
Representing more than just a sculpture, The Face of Our People encapsulates the appreciation, respect and collaboration that Banco Azteca serves. The piece was first located near an outdoor art market, Jardin del Arte Sullivan, in Mexico City, to be later moved to it’s final location at Universidad de la Libertad. This meaningful and innovative collaboration has resulted in a community-driven piece, serving as a vivid reminder of the limitless possibilities that await in the future.